Creating a brand that never existed before is an exciting, all consuming and very rewarding thing to do.

There are many layers that need to work together; questions to ask, objectives to be defined and an understanding of short, mid and long term goals.

Then the fun part begins; how do we position the brand in the market place?  Should we design a graphical logo or a wordmark? Which tagline truly explains what the company does? Who really are the target audience? How best to reach them? When is the best time to engage them and which channels resonate with them? What kind of digital presence do they really need? A full-blown site or, would a Facebook page work just as well?

A strong brand needs to be on-point, targeted with its messaging and consistent in its look. Our goal, above and beyond all of the points above, is to provide our clients with a brand that they are truly proud to share with the world.

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